Felt plain trivet-20 cm


Introducing our Felt Plain Trivet – a minimalist and functional accessory for your kitchen. Crafted with simplicity and versatility in mind, this plain trivet provides reliable heat resistance and protection for your surfaces.

Made from high-quality felt materials, the trivet ensures effective insulation against hot pots, pans, or dishes, offering a safe solution for your kitchen. The plain design, free from embellishments or patterns, adds a clean and understated touch to your culinary space.

The soft and textured feel of the felt material enhances the overall tactile experience, providing a pleasant foundation for your kitchenware. The neutral and plain color palette makes this trivet an easy-to-coordinate addition to various kitchen styles.

Enhance the functionality of your kitchen with our Felt Plain Trivet – a practical and unobtrusive accessory that not only safeguards your surfaces but also seamlessly integrates into the simplicity of your culinary space.


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